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Victory Motorcycles, Motors, Octanes and Full Especifications


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Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles renews its catalogue by reducing the number of models but still more efficient. With the new and radical Victory Octane in command of the ship of Victory with its air-cooled two-cylinder Vee of 1,200 cubic centimeters by water, the Judge, Gunner and High Ball to the delight of Europeans who like the style custom as it refers to the other side of the pond.   Victory Octane Besides the look stealth grey Matt who wore the Octane at the time of its presentation, the modern cruiser of the brand will include two new colors in its catalog:

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Harley Davidson Street Rod

The New The Street Rod Harley Davidson: More Power and Aggressiveness The Street Rod Harley Davidson launches a new model based on its access model, the Street 750. In this way, which has a motor of greater power and a part of cycle completely revised with which it achieves a greater visual aggressiveness and also greater fun. The new Harley-Davidson Street Rod was born with the aim of offering the user three improved aspects regarding the Street 750: better maneuverability, improved performance and a more aggressive riding position. In addition, technical aspects such as propeller, geometry and part of cycle

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2017 Honda Grom. Features, Reviews, Specs, Videos and Photos

Read the whole post HERE: Honda Grom 2017. Features, Reviews, Specs, Photos and Videos

Honda Grom

Honda Grom 2017 Have you heard of the Honda Grom? If so, then you will be surprised by the new updates in the 2017 version. The most notorious is the aggressiveness of the bodywork, its many colors to choose from, and its novel LED headlights. On the other hand it also has two levels of seating, low profile muffler, and its tail is pronouncedly defined. Certain things remain the same in the Honda Grom, such as its classic engine of 125cc.Without a doubt, it is a magnificent motorcycle and offers a lot of entertainment when you are riding it. Thanks

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